Stoke Studio Colleges FAQ's - Answers

Q: Why have you decided to close the Stoke Studio Colleges?

A:Following discussions between the Department of Education and ourselves, both parties believe that the schools are not financially viable in the long-term. Other studio schools around the country who have faced similar difficulties. Department of Education ministers have provided in-principle approval to the closure of the schools at the end of the 2019 academic year. However, a final decision will only be taken after parents and other interested parties have had a chance to express their views though the four-week listening period. 

Q: Why have you decided to keep the MaDE school open until August 2019?

A: In order to honour the commitment made to the current year 10s at the school, the school will remain open to enable these pupils to complete their courses, several of which are not offered in neighbouring schools. It also means that children will not have to move school twice in two years, which we believe would be detrimental to their educational experience.

Q: Why don’t you consider expanding the age range of the school?

A: We have already expanded the MaDE Studio College from year 9 to year 13. However, last year both schools recognised that there was insufficient demand for years 12 and 13 in the area so it did not recruit to the sixth form. We have also discussed the option of increasing admissions entry from Year 7 with the Local Authority. However, there is no need for more Year 7 places and there is already an over-provision of places in the City.

As an age range expansion is not possible and pupil numbers are unlikely to increase, the schools, in their current form, are not financially viable in the long term.

Q: Will I get a chance to have my say about this? 

A: Parents, and other interested parties, are invited to submit their views on the proposed closure of the Stoke Studio Colleges. Comments can be provided via the following link. The listening period will remain open until Friday 5 July 2018. All views will be considered before the final decision is made. Parents will be invited to meetings to discuss the impact for their child. 

Q: How many pupils are affected by this and what will happen to them?

A: The schools currently have 17 Year 11 pupils at CaBE and 51 Pupils at MaDE – 17 in the current Year 11 and 34 in Year 10. The announcement should not affect Year 11 pupils who will finish their GCSEs this summer and then move as planned to post 16 programmes either at colleges or apprenticeships.

To minimise disruption for the current Year 10 pupils, should the final decision be to close, the MaDE Studio College will remain open until the summer 2019, to enable these pupils to complete their GCSEs at the Studio College. 

No pupils have applied to the Studio Schools for the next academic year. 

Q: My child currently attends the Studio College, do I need to find an alternative school?

A: No, the proposal is that the MaDE Studio College will close in August 2019 by which time all current students will have completed their education.

Q: I had planned that my child would attend the Studio School starting in September 2018, is this possible?

A: We have not received any applications for children to start at either of the Studio Colleges. The Studio Colleges will not be admitting new students for September 2018 as they would not be able to finish their education within that institution. If your child is already in secondary education and attending a school, they can continue to attend that school in September 2018. If your child is home educated and you wish to find a place in a school then you will need to make an application for a school place. If you wish to consider an alternative school then you have a right to apply to a different school who will admit your child if they have spaces. 

If you need to apply for a school place then information can be found on the Stoke-on-Trent City Council website and you should also contact School Admissions on admissions@stoke.gov.uk or by phoning 01782 234598 .

Q: What happens if I do not want my child to attend the school that the local authority allocate, can I apply to send my child to a different school? 

A: As a parent, you have the choice to apply to send your child to the school of your choosing. If you choose not to send your child to the proposed school, please get in touch with the Stoke-on-Trent City Council, as they are responsible for pupil place planning and will discuss the process with you. The e-mail address is admissions@stoke.gov.uk